At any one time there are thousands of mortgage products available on the market. At the moment mortgages are at their lowest they have been for over 20 years, and the new Government-backed Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee scheme is in place to help all buyers with smaller deposits of 5%. So that you receive the best advice we would recommend that you talk to an independent financial adviser who will assess your situation and advise you on the best deals currently available.

To avoid any difficulty in your mortgage payments, in the future its preferable and recommended that you give yourself parameters as to what you can afford to borrow, prior to starting your house search, as this can significantly speed up the entire process.

JK estates preferred financial mortgage advisers are very trust worthy and reliable, with which we have had a long-standing relationship. They have satisfied the borrowing requirements of many of JK estates homeowners and investors alike.

With many leading lenders working with us to provide special deals for members, who are not available on the high street, you can be sure of the best returns on your investment. And they are also specialists in re-mortgages, so if you’re thinking of changing your mortgage for a better deal.

This means not only taking great care in finding the right mortgage product from the vast array available in today’s market, but also ensuring that we are as well protected from life’s traumas as is possible through the provision of appropriate insurances for ourselves and our families.